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Encouraging and supporting families to be better informed of their choices when separating.

The Family Separation Support Hub (FSSH) is being delivered by the founders of OnlyMums & Dads who have years of experience of working with separating families and professionals. They co-edited the two authoritative publications dealing with divorce and separation: Separating With Children 101 (Bath Publishing) and (Almost) Anything But Family Court (by Jo O’Sullivan) and deliver the acclaimed ‘What About Henry?’ course for professionals working with families.

There are many routes to separating, and we encourage you to:

  • Avoid family court where possible; there are no winners.
  • understand your options, there are many ways to separate.
  • Make informed choices which will result in better outcomes for you and your family.
  • Only work with solution-focused professionals.
  • Choose your words carefully; language matters.

The FSSH contains free information and guidance, details of parenting courses and other resources with links to leading, solution-focussed professionals from a broad range of different disciplines.

OnlyMums & Dads are a registered not-for-profit.


The (FSSH) has a diverse range of professionals across the UK. Search by discipline and location.


Barristers are regulated specialist legal advisors, known for representing people in court making their case for them.


Professionally trained Counsellors are there to help people work out their feelings in relation to divorce or separation.

Divorce Consultants / Coaches

Divorce consultants and coaches can help and support you in a variety of ways during your separation.

Family Consultant

The family consultant works with separating couples, trying to help you work on sticking points or areas of disagreement.

Family Mediator

Family mediators help you work out arrangements for children and finances following separation.

Legal Executives

Legal executives are regulated by CILEx. Like solicitors, they can be partners in law firms and become judges.

Paralegal (or ‘legal assistant’)

The Paralegal's main role is to help qualified lawyers. In the UK, paralegals are considered as non-lawyers, although the term ‘lawyer’

Pensions On Divorce Expert (PODE)

PODEs are specially qualified to provide you with a report to recommend a fair pension share upon divorce/dissolution.


Psychotherapists work with you to help with psychological issues that have been built up throughout your life.


Solicitors represent and defend clients’ legal interests, and can provide advice when dealing with relationship breakdowns.


You can find out more about the various skills that professionals may use to help you in your situation. This will help you understand the next steps you may need to take and find the right professional for your circumstances.


If you find that you and your ex simply can’t make a decision on one or all issues, then you need a decision-maker, this is where Arbitrat

Child Inclusive Mediation

A child-inclusive mediator (CIM) is a specially trained mediator talks and listens to your children. Usually, but not always, the child incl

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is where specially trained lawyers work together to help you both sort things out; they will never work against each


Mediation is where a highly trained person provides you and your ex with assistance to sort things out. You usually meet the mediator on you

Round Table

A Round Table meeting is where lawyers and you feel it’s a good idea to meet ‘around the table’ or online together. Sometimes this is

Solicitor Neutral

A solicitor neutral is where a solicitor acts in a neutral and directive way to assist both of you. In the first instance, the solicitor neu

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Support Articles

Information and guidance from qualified and regulated professionals.

Preparing For Family Mediation – Part 2

Practical Steps Preparing for family mediation involves several steps to ensure that you are ready to engage constructively and effectively

Preparing For Family Mediation – Part 1

Active Listening Mediation offers a structured environment where conflicting parties can negotiate their differences with the assistance of

What Is Hybrid Mediation, And Why Consider It?

Many people think that mediation is not for them. This may be because:-  Photo by Headway on Unsplash Whilst mediation is not always ap


You will notice various badges on professionals profiles. These indicate particular skills and specialisms which may be useful to your situation.

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