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Domestic Abuse Or Domestic Violence?

Domestic abuse is more than physical violence, it can be psychological, emotional, sexual, economic (financial), as well as coercive control, and it can consist of one form of abuse or a combination of some or all of them.

There are common factors that link the experience of an abusive relationship. The following list is not exhaustive but can help you to recognise if you, or someone you know, are in an abusive relationship.

What Is Domestic Abuse?

  • Ongoing criticism and verbal abuse like shouting, mocking and name calling
  • Pressurising you to do things you don’t want to, and other behaviours like sulking, withholding money and limiting or preventing your use of the phone and/or the internet
  • Disrespecting you and putting you down in front of other people
  • Preventing you from seeing friends and relatives and being jealous of other relationships you may have with friends and family
  • Harassment, which can include following you and checking up on you. Examples include seeing how long you have been on the phone and who you have called
  • Other behaviours include making threats, breaking things (especially your possessions) and punching the walls
  • More obviously, physical violence like punching, slapping or holding you by the neck are all classed as domestic violence.

This hub has information written by domestic abuse specialists and can offer guidance on getting support and help including information on applying for non-molestation and other court orders.

Useful Initiatives

Legal Aid

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External Resources

Mankind Initiative

The Mankind Initiative is a specialist charity in the UK focussing on male victims of domestic abuse. The charity collaborates and works in close partnership with other organisations and practitioners to support victims.


Refuge is the largest domestic abuse organisation in the UK supporting women. Their services support thousands of women and their children, helping them to overcome the physical, emotional, financial and logistical impacts of abuse and rebuild their lives.


Child Contact Centres are neutral places where children of separated families can enjoy contact with non-resident parents, and sometimes other family members, in a comfortable and safe environment. Every year, this national organisation, via its member centres, supports families and children in their local community.

Citizens Advice

Pages of clearly laid out information and signposting from a trusted national charity.


Information on domestic abuse and the law.

Family Lives

Guidance on how to deal with anger after a divorce or separation.


Spotting the signs of child abuse. Information from the NSPCC.

Safe Lives

UK-wide charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for everyone and for good.