How important are friends and family in a separation or divorce? Maybe you are reading this as a friend or relation of someone close to you who is separating? If you are, you may already be aware just what an important yet difficult ‘job’ you have in front of you.

Playing the part of a shoulder to lean on, focusing on listening and validating your friend’s emotions without emphasising your own judgments or opinions is possibly one of the most valuable things you can do for a friend.

Friends can find your separation difficult and confusing.

It can sometimes be very difficult for friends and family to navigate friendships after a separation or divorce. It can be be awkward on both sides of a friendship after a breakup. Couple friends may feel like they are being asked to take sides or bad mouth your ex-partner when they’re not around. It’s important where possible to stay neutral rather than take sides.

The role all friends and family play in any separation or divorce is crucial in helping people move on with their lives in a positive, purposeful way.

We hope you find some useful words of wisdom on this site, much has been written by people who have been through it themselves and who offer advice and tips to help you navigate your role in supporting your friend or family member.

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