It goes without saying that most grandparents make a positive impact on their grandchildren’s lives.

They can shape and help to define a child’s life by taking the time to teach, mentor and pass on some of life’s most valuable lessons which only come from experience. The time spent together is therefore often treasured on both sides.

Not Seeing Your Grandchildren

Sometimes, however, life can get in the way of this important relationship and the precious tie can sometimes be destroyed. Whether the separation occurs because of a divorce that’s ripped the family apart or because of a disagreement that’s simply got out of hand, there often needs to be a resolution sought.

When grandparents find themselves estranged from the children it can prove to be emotionally draining and a deeply worrying time.

In some cases, for example where the parents are unable to look after a child they might assume a parental role by caring for the child full time. In these situations they would need to have the legal status to be able to make important decisions about the child’s upbringing. This is called having ‘parental responsibility’(PR).

You will find lots of useful articles on this hub covering a range of issues  including the importance of a child’s relationship after separation and divorce.

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