Moving on after the separation is daunting. You have two homes and your children are going between you and your ex – you are living separate lives. That’s a big change for you and your children.

You will probably find that not everything is plain sailing! If a parent, there is co-parenting to sort out, and maybe raising children on your own for extended periods. There may be changes to where you live and your job. It can prove to be something of an unsettling, yet at the same time, optimistic stage of life.

Making plans.

It’s easy to say but try and makes plans for yourself, focus on your wellbeing, seek the company of good friends and family and when your children are not with you think about what you will do when you see them again.

There is lot of support out there to help with moving on as a single parent. Remember you are not alone. The articles we have pulled together on this hub cover a wide range of issues you may be faced with as single parent.

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