There are a growing number of parenting courses available to support parents navigate their way through a separation with children.  They can offer a valuable tool in supporting you to develop techniques to promote better co-operative parenting and in helping you to understand the potential impact on children and how you can minimise that.

If you are going through the family court you maybe ordered to take part and complete the Cafcass ‘Planning Together for Children’ course. A Family Court Advisor may also refer parents to complete Planning Together for Children before the first hearing in court, or afterwards.

Some of the courses are free others you will need to pay for. Some are face to face and other online, some are with other parents and some can be bespoke. It is worth doing some research to find out if there are any courses local to you.

You will find details of a number of courses below; we will be adding more over the next few months.

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External Resources

What About Aruna?

A set of four videos delivered by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Rudkin, looking at the impact of separation and divorce on children. All the content is evidence-based and focusses on children’s wellbeing.


National Association Child Contact Centres. A UK charity dedicated to providing safe child contact centres so children can meet the parents they don't live with.


Place2Be provide mental health support in schools through one-to-one and group counselling.