Schools can play a key role when it comes to supporting children through parental separation. When you separate, it is really important that you let the school know, that you ensure the school hold contact details for both parents, and the order in which parents should be contacted if there is an emergency.

They may also need to know contact plans (days of the week that the child is with each parent). This allows schools to identify any patterns and changes in behaviour, and also to make sure they hand the children over to the correct person at the end of the day. It also helps schools to know which parent to contact if a child is late for school or does not arrive.

How Schools Can Support Your Child?

Many schools have support workers. They do all they can to ensure both parents take an extra interest in their child’s education, alongside Parents Evening and Parent/Teacher discussions. It’s not unusual for them to arrange for mum or dad to come into school for lunch with their child and have some special non-rushed private time for the child to show their work to their parent.

It is worth asking the headteacher/leadership team in your child’s school to see what extra support they can put in place.

Schools should provide copies of all correspondence to both parents, including copies of school reports and all details about parents’ evenings, concerts etc. It is always worth checking with the teachers and school leadership team that this is being done.

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