There is a role for social media and technology in separation and divorce.

It can be used to ‘back up’ anything you are trying to prove. So in non-molestation order proceedings (i.e. injunctions) they can be used to prove that someone has been abusive or threatening, or to disprove such allegations. In children proceedings they can be used: as evidence of communications between parents; to prove difficulties in arranging or sticking to contact arrangements; to prove that your children are at risk; or evidence of drug or alcohol use. In finance cases, social media is used, for example, to prove evidence of people’s lifestyles, or maybe evidence of a relationship.

Remember that you are forbidden from posting anything about court proceedings on social media. If you do, you could be found in contempt of court and risk paying a fine or being imprisoned.

Communication With Your Ex Using Social Media And Technology.

There’s a lot to be said for putting things in writing in the context of a relationship breakdown. It can help avoid any misunderstanding of the spoken word and ensure that what has been agreed between individuals is in black and white.

However, the problem with instantaneous and electronic forms of communication is that people don’t really think before they act and then the damage is done. There’s no chance to pull back. Unlike spoken words they don’t disappear into the air.

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