Research has shown that going through a divorce or separation has a negative effect on the ability to function properly at work. It has been shown that many people experience a decrease in productivity.

Going through a divorce can lead to some employees giving up work altogether. One survey showed nearly 1 in 10 UK workers left their existing company or firm within the first year post divorce.

What Are The Impacts Of Divorce In The Workplace?

Each situation is different, of course, but there may well be the need to take days off for sorting out essentials, for example house moves, attendance at mediation meetings, court hearing, etc.

Some may find the need to change working hours to take account of school drop-offs and pick-ups.

The emotional rollercoaster that can come with a divorce or separation can impact too. It can prove hard to not take concerns and worries into work.

Should I Tell My Boss About My Divorce?

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the answer to this question is ‘yes’.

At a human level management will want to know how they might support you and/or make any changes to accommodate any change in working hours.

There may also be changes they need to make on other issues like pension schemes.

If you work in a larger company or organisation, it would also be sensible to see if your human resources department has policies in place that can support you.

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External Resources

The Parents Promise

An alliance of organisations that have come together to produce guidance for employers to better support staff through a divorce or separation.