Thank you for agreeing to provide us with an article. In order for us to optimise the number of
people finding and reading your article, please follow the guidelines below.

Article Length

c800 words works well. Articles, depending on the subject matter, can be as short as 500 words and
up to 1,200 words – but nothing longer.


Short paragraphs with headings are best. Using words from the title in paragraph headings is

Please use bullet points if creating a list not, numbers or letters.

Passive Voice v Active Voice

Active voice is best – but don’t worry about it too much.
PV: Lunch was eaten by Mike.
AV: Mike ate lunch. Or,
PV: The wedding invitations were sent by the couple.
AV: The couple sent the wedding invitations.

Sentence Length

Shorter sentences work best.

External Links

We encourage the use of external links. Especially links to any research that has been carried out on
your subject matter or organisations / charities / governing bodies who can offer further information
and support.

We can add these into your article when uploading it onto the hub so as long as you tell
us what links to use, we will do the rest.

Check List

When emailing us, add your job title and name of firm/company/practice. And don’t forget to attach
your best mug shot!