Collaborative practice - specially trained lawyers working together to help you both sort things out; they will never work against each other or try to win; they will not be tactical. - Family Seperation Support Hub

Support for Family Separation can be Kinder and Solution – Focused.

Why join the Family Separation Support Hub?

Are you a forward-thinking professional, committed to looking at better ways to support families through this life-changing event?

By becoming a member of the Family Separation Support Hub you will be:

  • supporting a more holistic approach to family separation.
  • taking the opportunity to work with professionals from other disciplines in your locality.
  • adding to the range of individuals and disciplines families can choose from.
  • offered the opportunity to produce articles and content to help families make informed choices.
  • enhancing your own marketing and online presence.
  • demonstrating your positive response to the What about Me? report and the judiciary’s call for new and kinder ways to separate.
  • be part of a unique resource shared through the Parents Promise HR Initiative, supported by many of the UK’s largest employers (including Tesco, Asda, Nat West, Vodafone…)

This Hub is delivered by OnlyMums & Dads, a trusted social enterprise recognised by national and international organisations for their work with families going through divorce / separation.

What’s the process?

1.Sign Up

Check our application criteria and then sign up below to become a listed professional on the Hub.

2.Info gathering

Complete your profile, including as much detail as possible to help families understand your service before they contact you.

3.Contact & Connect

Look out for messages from those families seeking support so that you can engage and support.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Why Our Criteria Is Important?

Following the publications of the ‘What About Me’ report (Family Solutions Group, November 2020) and (Almost) Anything But Family Court (2022), and the ongoing work being undertaken by the DWP in Reducing Parental Conflict, we recognise the urgent need to do things better. This is our response.

Our mission is to signpost families to the best professional support and accessible, accurate information.

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