Published on September 11, 2023

Are you a parent who is dealing with separation or divorce issues? Want to support your children through all the family transitions? Need a unique child-focused forum to open a co-parenting dialogue? In court proceedings and looking for a supportive parenting program? The Kids Come First resources can help.

Sorting out your separation or divorce is tough for everyone involved. Navigating your way through all the complex legal & financial issues can be a real challenge! So it’s easy to see you might lose focus on what’s most important – your children!

Find the right specialist support and advice as early as possible really can make a big difference to how you approach your separation. It helps by reducing unhealthy levels of conflict which will impact on the whole family. And the better you cope, the better your kids will too!

Kids Come First separated parent support workshops offer a unique, specialist, bespoke workshops for separated or divorcing parents. Our expert advice & child-focused guidance aims to support you at every stage of your family transition process.

Kids Come First separated parent support workshops are highly recommended by a wide range of family law professionals and mental health practitioners to help separated parents try to resolve their issues and reach vital agreements in the interests of their children.

In most cases, entering into adversarial legal battles or lengthy and stressful court proceedings is simply a waste of precious resources i.e. valuable time, financial expense and emotional energy.

Booking a solo or joint workshop can benefit both you and your children so consider taking a positive step forward today for the future of your family. There is a cost for the workshops and individual sessions.

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The Impact On Children

It is so easy to be told that you need to put your children first when we are separating, but what does it actually mean? When your life is turmoil and emotions are running high this can feel daunting when there are so many things to think about. If you have a child with someone, then regardless of whatever you think of them or whatever they might have done, they will still have an important role to play in the life of your child. Exceptions to this are rare. Possessive language that excludes or minimises the role of the other parent can negatively impact the relationship between that parent and the child and can increase conflict and make it more difficult to co-parent. We know that conflict and/or parental absence in particular has a negative impact on children.

Parents need to create the right conditions for children to thrive.

For children, whilst separation will bring inevitable feelings of loss and change, they can still thrive if their parents work in partnership to create the right conditions. We know that children are more likely to adapt with fewer problems, and less emotional distress, when parents are able to part with compassion and continue to work together in partnership even when they are not together. On this hub you will find lots of article and tips on how to minimise the impact on children. For example; how do you set up two homes? How do you co-parent well? What does it mean to put your children first? How do you tell your child you are separating? What do I tell the school? What about holidays? And much more...

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