We now are now in the very fortunate position where there is so much more choice for getting professional support during and after a separation or divorce. In this section, you will find more of a focus on the individual support that is available. A combination of Divorce Consultants and Divorce & Life Coaches and other more focused support.

Divorce consultants and coaches are quite new roles in the UK, there is no recognised route to becoming a divorce consultant/coach and the industry is unregulated. That said, most seek additional training and many will already have a related professional background. Their role is to help you consider and realise your goals. In this context, they will help you imagine your new life and to take the steps necessary to get there. They can also take a supportive role in many of the processes outlined on this Hub.

When looking to appoint anyone to support you through a divorce/separation it's important to consider their training, qualifications, and experience.