Family consultants are specially trained to work with separating couples. They understand some of the legal process involved and they work closely with your lawyers. They will have at least a three-year background as a counsellor or therapist.  Family consultants can be involved at any stage of your divorce or separation journey. They work with you individually or together, both during and outside the mediation, collaborative, or other, meetings. The family consultant focuses on your psychological and emotional well-being. They will also try to help you work on sticking points or areas of disagreement. As the family consultant is therapeutically trained, they understand the psychological and emotional impact that separation has on you and your children. They may create mutual insight and help you to reach those really difficult decisions.  The family consultant will often and very helpfully attend the meetings you have with your lawyer: the collaborative meetings, round table meetings and /or mediation. Important to note though, that Family consultants will not offer or provide you with therapy.