You can find out more about the various skills that professionals may use to help you in your situation. This will help you understand the next steps you may need to take and the right professional for the circumstance.


Mediation is where a highly trained person provides you and your ex with assistance to sort things out. You usually meet the mediator on you

Child Inclusive Mediation

A child-inclusive mediator (CIM) is a specially trained mediator talks and listens to your children. Usually, but not always, the child incl

Round Table

A Round Table meeting is where lawyers and you feel it’s a good idea to meet ‘around the table’ or online together. Sometimes this is

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is where specially trained lawyers work together to help you both sort things out; they will never work against each


If you find that you and your ex simply can’t make a decision on one or all issues, then you need a decision-maker, this is where Arbitrat

Arbitration Mediation

Arb Med (Arbitration-Mediation) What is it? Arb Med is a combination of arbitration and mediation. The order is important. First, you’d

Early Neutral evaluation

What is Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE)? You both agree it would be helpful to ask (or instruct) a neutral person to tell you (in person/Z

Hybrid Mediation

Hybrid (or lawyer assisted, or supported or integrative) mediation What is it? Where one or both of you have your lawyers present in media

Private FDR Judging

What is Private FDR Judging? This is more formal than a straightforward early neutral evaluation and will usually mimic the court procedu

Solicitor Neutral

A solicitor neutral is where a solicitor acts in a neutral and directive way to assist both of you. In the first instance, the solicitor neu