Terms and Conditions (Public)

These terms and conditions apply to your use of the Family Support Separation Hub (FSSH).

Use of the FSSH is not a right and is granted only on the condition that users accept and abide by these terms and conditions.

Use of the FSSH in any way is taken as agreement to and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The information gained from this website is for general guidance on the issues raised and should not be relied or acted upon without taking detailed advice from an appropriately qualified person.

If you need more details on your rights or legal advice about what action to take, please contact a professional advisor or a solicitor.

The FSSH will not accept liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising as a consequence of any use of, the inability to use, or the reliance upon of any information gained via this website.

Whilst the FSSH makes every effort to provide a service of the highest quality, we cannot guarantee that our service will be totally error-free.

We are not responsible for claims brought by third parties arising from your use of this website or the information displayed on it.

The Reduced Fees Scheme 

The reduced fees scheme (the scheme) is in place to offer a more affordable legal advice service to people with income of less that £20,000 per annum and under £20,000 of accessible savings. 

The hourly rate under this scheme is set at around £125 per hour (plus VAT). 

The capital thresholds and hourly rates referred to above are guides. Individual professionals may vary the hourly rate and capital thresholds.  Exact terms will need to be checked with your chosen professional.

While accessible through the Family Law Panel, the Scheme is operated and delivered by individual firms of solicitors. Should you appoint a solicitor, full details will be outlined in your client care / terms of business letter. Solicitors indicating that they are part of the reduced fees scheme may appoint other members of their firm to deal with your enquiry.  (eg  fellow solicitors and legal executives). 

Income Eligibility for the Scheme

The scheme is available to those with a total annual income of less than £20,000

“Income” includes wages (self-employed or employed), dividends and/or interest from savings, child benefit, and any working tax credit and child tax credit.

Users of the scheme will be asked to submit their last three bank statements to their solicitor to evidence their monthly income. Legal professionals may request additional evidence to prove eligibility to the scheme.

Capital eligibility for the scheme

The scheme is limited to those individuals with less than £20,000 of available liquid savings.  If a client’s savings in excess of £20,000 are used in legal costs and then reduce to below £20,000 they would then become eligible for the £125 per hour scheme.

If the case is such that the means of an opponent would justify making an application for a legal costs order on the basis of a full private hourly rate, because the assets or income in the control of the other party are substantial, then the scheme will be used on a specifically limited basis to deal with that application.

 This limitation will be set out in the client care / terms of business letter to enable the solicitor concerned arguing for a legal costs order for a full hourly rate for the remainder of the case.

 Legal professionals may request additional evidence to prove eligibility to the scheme.

Terms and Conditions (Professionals who are listing their details).

  1. The Family Support Separation Hub (FSSH) for OnlyMums and OnlyDads are a Community Interest (not for profit) Company (Company No. 8293558) and are looking to appoint a Panel of preferred family justice sector professionals and others to deal with all divorce and separation enquiries according to the criteria set out below.  
  2. The Panel have no mutual liability for each other, but will consist in a number of independent firms, individuals or companies.
  3. FSSH have control over who they chose to be on the Hub. They also reserve the right to remove a panel member with a full refund.
  4. We recognise many barristers work over large geographical areas and are away from office for extended periods. We understand and accept that barristers may list their clerks details and ask the clerk to make the initial contact with the potential client to ensure that they do need the services of a barrister.  
  5. This cost is an administration fee and covers our work in running the hosting websites and setting up your profile, promoting the FSSH and individual members on our websites and through social media and newsletters, and marketing the Hub to other family-based organisations. It is not (nor should it imply) anything approaching a referral agreement.  To be clear, members of the Hub will not pay OD/OM any amount in respect of any individual whose details are passed to them by OD/OM for initial support, or who otherwise contact you.
  6. VAT is not chargeable as OM/OD did not exceed the threshold last year of £85,000. (BUT MIGHT BE AT SOME STAGE). 
  7. For the avoidance of doubt this fee is payable per individual listing. No discounts are available for multiple postcode listings for, as an example, firms with offices in different cities. 
  8. Membership application to be submitted on line.
  9. Members to maintain a database of referrals and the outcome of such referrals for monitoring purposes.
  10. All Hub members to permit links to your website from the OD/OM/FSSH websites.
  11. Hub members can display the Hub logo at their office, on their website and on their notepaper and electronic communications.
  12. Family Mediators must be trained by a member organisation of the Family Mediation Council.
  13. Counsellors must be members of BACP
  14. Financial advisors must be registered by the Financial Conduct Authority.